👋 Hej! I am:

  • 🧑‍🎓 a PhD in computational biology
    I was working in CRAN/LORIA in the capsid team, supervised by Taha Boukhobza & Malika Smail-Tabbone;
  • 💼 now looking for a post-doc in systems biology (formal modeling with Boolean networks and reaction networks);
  • 🌍 a nancéienne (🇫🇷), ex-lilloise (🇫🇷), ex-parisienne (🇫🇷), happy to move abroad;
  • 🐍 a Python lover (the programming language), also fond of Answer-Set Programming (ASP), but not much of R;
  • 🐀 a rat care-taker (the cute animal);
  • 🎸🎺 a musician (guitar and trumpet);

You may want:

  • 📧 my e-mail address: athenais DOT vaginay AT loria DOT fr;
  • 📰 my academic papers on HAL / Google scholar / dblp
    (/!\ dblp covers publications from computer science only) ;
  • linkedin-logo my LinkedIn (updated in August 2023);
  • github-logo my GitHub
    (the code for my PhD research is stored on the private GitLab github-logo of my lab. It is accessible on request);
  • 📭 my work address (I love letters!):
    Bureau B142
    Campus Scientifique, 615 Rue du Jardin-Botanique
    54506 Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy

Feel free to get in touch with me (in french or english). :)

💬 Talks / Seminars / Interventions

All the slides are available on request.

Synthesis of Boolean Networks from the Structure and Dynamics of Reaction Networks

7th July 2023
At Loria (PhD defense).

Sélection et analyse de modèles pour les réseaux biologiques

13th December 2022
At FCH seminar (invited presentation).

From Chemical Reaction Networks to Boolean Networks, Automatically

3rd December 2021
At GT Bioss' virtual seminar (invited presentation).

Modelling Biological Systems with Boolean Networks

18th Nov 2021
At FCH' scientific day (invited presentation).

ASKeD-BN: Automatic Synthesis of Boolean Networks from Knowledge and Data

23th Jun. 2021
At OLA'21 (paper presentation). Conference paper

Quick Presentation

04 Apr. 2019
Loria Departement D5'day

caspid "tea-time" seminars

monthly scheduled seminars of my team.

ASKeD-BN: Automatic Synthesis of Boolean Networks from Knowledge and Data

Jun. 2021
caspid "tea-time" seminar

Constrained Enumeration of Boolean Networks from Biological Data and Knowledge

19 Jan. 2021
caspid "tea-time" seminar

The Search Space of the Logical Function Synthesis Problem — Application for Biological Systems

26 May 2020
caspid "tea-time" seminar

Automatic Transformation from Reaction Models to Boolean Models Using Answer-Sets Constrained by a Topology and an Abstracted Dynamic

23 Jan. 2020
caspid "tea-time" seminar

Introduction to Critical Thinking (in french)

Feb. 2019
caspid "tea-time" seminar

Presentation of my Thesis Project

Nov. 2018
caspid "tea-time" seminar

📄 Publications

I put my papers on HAL.

👩‍🏫 Teaching

  • Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France
  • Université Paris Diderot (P7), Paris, France